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A Potted History of Rioting and Looting in London up to August 2011

A Potted History of Rioting and Looting in London up to August 2011 In August 2011 riots hit the streets of London. Civil society unravelled. Buildings were set on fire, shops looted and members of the public attacked. The scale and magnitude of the riots were unprecedented, at least in the living memory of the […]

The beauty and wonder of Hornsey’s nightlife

The Fox I used to live in a beautiful detached house in Rectory Gardens in Hornsey, which was built by Greek Cypriots. It had a reasonably sized back garden and to remind them of their country of origin they planted cherry, fig, pear and bay leaf trees. On hazy summer nights, I’d grab a beer, […]

English. Do you speak it? No.

London, the melting pot that it is, the centrifugal force, bringing in people from all over the world, the rich looking to avoid tax, the economic migrants looking for a better living and the asylum seekers avoiding hell on earth has caused a cultural and linguistic meltdown and in its place a new accent has […]

London Geezers Love Their Football

Football eases conversation. During the last World Cup it was ‘what did you think of the last match?’ ‘what do you think of your chances in the next game?’ The Turkish, the Greeks going like mad. One girl I know from Finsbury Park told of Turkish men, working on a market stall, going absolutely hysterically […]