Melting pot turns volcano – it can get hot in London

The melting pot of London, sucking in peoples and ethnicities from all over the world, has sometimes become a volcano, with bigger ethnic groups trying to exterminate smaller groups. In 2009 the British National Party, the vanguard of an aggressive group of White Caucasians, fighting to put what it considers the interests of the members of its ethnic group before others, claimed that London had been ethnically cleansed and was no longer a city for the British. Of course, this is nonsense. Whilst  immigration to London has undoubtedly increased, White Caucasians and White British people are still resident in London, with no ethnic cleansing having taken place. Furthermore the claim that London was once just a city for the British is not true – London was initially a Roman town, then a Saxon one and has had traders and immigrants from lands afar pouring into it ever since. The British National Party’s assertions tell us more about the kind of future they desire, rather than the kind of past London once had.

The British National Party has never been a dominant political force in the United Kingdom. However they have over the last twenty years had successes in London. In 1993 Derek Beacon won a seat on the Isle of Dogs Council. In 2008, Richard Barnbrook won a seat on the London Assembly after the British National Party polled five per cent of the London vote. One in every twenty voters in London, who decided to vote, voted for the British National Party. By 2010 the party had won twelve seats on the Barking and Dagenham Council, making it the second biggest party after the Labour Party.

What is interesting is that parties like the British National Party and the English Defence League have started to admit non-Whites into their ranks, people, who would have been seen as the immigrant enemy thirty or forty years ago. Furthermore news documentaries have shown how second generation Indians and Black British people are themselves concerned about the levels of immigration. This shows how the notion of England and British is malleable, and refers not to any essential bloodline or genetic grouping, but instead to a population of people, who feel by weight of number and time spent in the country, a special interest in uniting together to fight against new people arriving into the country. Even in the sixties and seventies white racists would have likely been from Eastern European, Danish, Germanic, Jewish and French stock.


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