Monthly Archives: July 2013

The New East Enders Rain Down on a Sun Drenched Southend

At the end of a nine day run of hot sunshine, a most surreal week, East Enders furtively ferreted out their ice boxes, shorts and plastic spades and buckets, and piled on to the train to Southend. At Southend station a family from God knows where in South East Asia is stood near the ticket […]

London wolves steamroller the vulnerable

London is a market place and almost everyone in it, or at least anyone with any muscle in it, is a vendor seeking to make money. Those who happen to live in and around this market place, who form communities and connections, upon which their sense of meaning, happiness and security depends, live a precarious […]

Margaret’s New London Market

In the 1950s a young girl who would be Queen spent her time watching her father plough fields alone. Whilst other men ploughed together, the girl’s father seemed destined and determined to do his work alone, so much so he came to believe his isolation refletced a natural state of man; that the only way […]

Londinium: all the fun of the Roman fare

From time to time groups of men make a breakthrough, they find some power on earth, when harnessed allows them to rise above their fellow men. In such a situation an irresistable urge to use that power to smite, rape and pillage, to induce a delusional sense of invulnerability and Godliness wells up. It is […]