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When London’s Melting Pot becomes a Volcano: ethnic and religious conflict in London

The melting pot of London, sucking in peoples and ethnicities from all over the world, creates enmities between some ethnic groups. English labourers, whose quality of life is most keenly affected by cheap foreign competition, are not particularly shy in giving their views on foreign competition. A plasterer, a man who uses the term ‘Paddy’ […]

Is it true what the British National Party say, that London is no longer a city for the British?

In 2009 the British National Party, the vanguard of an aggressive group of White Caucasians, fighting to put what it considered the interests of its ethnic group before others, claimed London was no longer a city for the British. A couple of their followers, with Welsh accents, filmed the streets of Wembley. The filmmakers suggested […]

A rough history of immigration into London

This is a rough history of immigration into and the ethnic identify of Londoners. One of the key messages to get across is that London has always been principally a market place, and it has always been a market place, where people from different ethnic groups have asserted and fought for a right to establish […]

London’s market place has always attracted foreigners to the city

The ethnic composition of London has been heavily influenced by the fact of its being a market town for so much of its history. London has always been a market place and a market town. The Romans, when they established Londinium within the current square mile sitting just north of the Thames, known as the […]

London: A portal into other worlds

Another way in which London has become a global city is that it has become a portal through which many other worlds can be easily accessed. This has been enabled physically by the large number of airports that London has, Heathrow, Gatwick, London City, Stanstead, Luton and Southend. The Channel Tunnel provides train routes into […]