An indecent proposal on the N43

The N43 takes Shoreditch party people home towards the salubrious environs of Highgate, Muswell Hill and Friern Barnet.

As such, on a Friday or Saturday night, the top deck is full of comedian wanabee white guys, who buoyed by alcoholic excess feel the need to bathe everyone in their soon to be televised wit.

Some of it is funny. Some, as was the case on this particular night, with these two boys in question, is scornful and nasty.

The boys were taking potshots at everything and everyone, feeling safe, comforted and stimulated in their bubble of mutual masturbatory ridicule.

At one point a girl with a big nose, who was sat to their right talking to an overweight friend, was the subject of their brutal verbal assault. The boys weren’t so brash as to direct their ridicule directly at the girl, they didn’t demand a response from her, but they did talk amongst themselves with sufficient volume, to make it clear to both the girl and everyone on the bus, that she, unlike everyone else had a nose, which separated her out from everyone else.

After a few stops the girl, oblivious or affecting oblivion, bid farewell to her overweight friend, and left.

With her friend departed, the overweight girl, turned to her left to talk to the guys. The guys, whose volume had ruled the bus up until that point, on being entreated to conversation by the girl, took a deep breath in, and then looked at each other with sadistic glee. Easy prey was walking into their lair.

Or so they thought.

The girl was sharp, within seconds her alacrity, intelligence and wit was spinning them into a ball, she the spider to them the folded up and dumbfounded flies.

During the verbal toing and froing, before the boys had had the time to clear their public schoolboy throats, the girl had always taken the conversation to another place.

The sum effect was that the boys were taken on a rollercoaster ride, the direction of which they had no possibility of controlling.

The knockout blow came when the girl invited the two back to her house for a blowjob.

Choking with shock, the boys asked her if she was serious.

She sighed and said it had been a long day.

The two guys were stunned.

The girl rang the bell, to signify a knockout.

She got off at the next stop, the boys shouting at her as she walked down the stairs, and off into the night.


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