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The many ways in which London can be considered a ‘melting pot’

London has often been termed a melting pot. It certainly feels like people are about to melt into one another at times. A visitor to London can be forgiven for thinking that they have found themselves in a snowstorm, as if God had taken the world, shook it up, and people were falling randomly in […]

Did you know London was once known as Augusta?

According to David Nash Ford, London, in 350AD, was renamed Augusta by the Romans.

If you squeeze London’s poor too much they will riot: ask Decianus Catus!

If you dig deep enough anywhere around the City of London and Southwark on the South Bank, you will after, a while, come across a thin blackened layer of earth. The colour of the layer, a little like the rings of a tree, is testament to the age of the earth, and to a period […]

London Architecture in the New Millennium

The twenty-first century bought the dawning of a new age to the London skyline. Three constructions in particular, the Gherkin, the Greater London Authority Building and the Millennium Wheel heralded what seemed at the time a new uncertain and yet exciting architectural era for London. All three, of course, had quickly followed the renaissance of […]

The Prevailing London Architectural Style

The prevailing style of London architecture can be said to be mixed. Some call it higgledy piggledy. The pace of change in the choices and fashions of the architects and town planners has always been characterised by rapidity, by a desire to always try something new, to be the vanguard. There has never really been […]

London: Concrete Jungle that Dreams are made of?

Orin Hargraves points out that Greater London, at least for statistical purposes, comprises a county. But Greater London is unlike any image the word county might conjure up, in fact if a county conjures up images of the countryside interspersed with villages and small towns, Greater London is the inverse rather than an exemplar. London, […]

Immigrants failing to escape the control they came to London to escape

Many immigrants find they fail to fully escape the contols that they fled their country for London, to escape from. Young western Europeans, who arrive in London, trying to escape the smothering affections of their mothers, are successful in putting some physical distances in between themselves and their mothers, but are only ever a phone […]