Glass Panel Ogling on the London Underground

You will, sometimes on the London Underground, if you are sat on a seat at the end of a row, one which has a fibre glass wall to lean on, use the reflection in the glass to peer into the features of some peculiar beauty you have noticed. The reflection in the glass often brings this person’s face closer to yours, so you feel intimately voyeuristic, and yet miles away, as if day dreaming. Every now and then, you may, if you are looking at someone, who like you is well acquainted with and currently engaged in the practice of glass panel ogling, find the reflection of their eyes staring directly into yours. At this point, after recovering from a mild heart attack, you will pretend, as your eyes dart away, that none of this really happened, or if it did, that it happened in the parallel universe of reflections, thus invalidating it as a real life experience.


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