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What Superstylin brings to mind about London

I don’t know why, but music transports you into a dreamland, a fantasy version of reality, that only exists within your head, and can never really be bought into fruition in real life, in interaction, in the way you emotionaly relate to one another. Its just that some of my best memories and sensations of […]

Five ways to smuggle a Somali child into London

The first, and most common one, according to research report  A Gap In their Hearts, involves the use of a legitimate passport issued to a Somali child with British nationality. The agent “borrows” the passport in Britain for about $720 – or 500 pounds sterling – and takes it to Mogadishu. There, he screens children and selects those with vaguely corresponding facial features. Sometimes, boys […]

Loosely Connected, Disconnected and Recreating Yourself In London

Loosely connected People in London feel loosely connected. London is a city where it is possible to be connected to people without commitment or obligation. In such a diverse, large and fluid city, apathetic social interaction is the norm, you can if you wish spending your whole life hooking up, meeting for a coffee, with, […]

From Tottenham, young, cannot get a job for blood or money? Go to Paris.

Many people feel liberated by London, as if the American Dream is present in London. Immigrants often comment on how they feel accepted by employers in London, who they feel are more willing to employ people principally for their professionalism, skill, ability to make money and hard work. This they contrast with the situation in […]

Loads of Parisians have moved to London since the advent of Eurostar? Why?

I wonder about the increased number of Parisians who have said to have moved to London, following the advent of the Channel Tunnel and the Eurostar Service. It has been suggested that since the opening of Eurostar many French people and in particular young people from Paris have taken advantage of the low costs of […]

What reasons would I have for going to live in London?

Acceptance Some people come to London hoping to gain a kind of acceptance from people that they were not able to attain in the place that they left. The concentration and quantity of people in London allows for subcultures to emerge, groups of people with some kind of habit, behaviour or preference, which is a […]

People come to London to find sanctuary from murder and abuse

Some people come to London under the impression that people in London will not attempt to subject them to attempted murder and abuse, in contrast to the place that they come from, where being a member of a particular group, or having a certain identity or characteristic means they are likely to be or have […]