People come to London to recreate themselves

Some people come to London to recreate themselves, they see London as providing them with the space in which they can reflect, consider and create new kinds of relationship, which in turn helps them create a new identity, and thus recreate themselves. London can provide them with this space, because London is full of people who wish only to be loosely connected to other people. Such a context allows people to detach themselves from the place which they have left, without feeling overly lonely, for the loose connections that Londoners forge also provide for an ease of connection, which means that people can put some detachment in their life, the kind that lends itself to musings and reflection, without being isolated. Furthermore London’s loose connections, and the ease with which loose connections can be made, provides people with the opportunity to try out new people, to try out new relationships, which is part of the process of recreation. In other words, people who come to London to recreate themselves, appreciate the looseness and distance and weakness of social relationships, which allows for less commitment and more promiscuity, which means they can try out different types of relationship, experiment or simply drop out, withdraw and reflect.


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