Some people come to London to avoid discrimination in the labour force

Some people come to London believing that the enterprises and companies in London value people principally for their professionalism, skill, ability to make money and hard work, and will therefore accept them into employment, in contrast to the place they come from where they feel that those with the power to offer work and wages, conceive their role in employment to be to further the interests of their own social grouping, by denying work to those from other social groupings. In other words people who are excluded from the labour market in the place they come from come to London because they believe that provided they have the skills, ability and work ethic, they can get a job and be successful in earning a living. For example, Parisians from Paris’ infamous Department 93, Saint Denis, people from ethnic minorities and Muslims from France, who face discrimination in the French employment sector, come to London, in the hope that employers will give them a chance. Hamid Seny, a Frenchman who now works and lives in London said, “Because of your name you will be discriminated against, because of your skin colour, and even the address on your CV can stop you from getting a job…As for your skills and competencies – none of that counts in France if you don’t fit in the box – so I left.” It is said that many French people from France’s Overseas Departments or former colonies are studying English at the New Vic 6th form in Newham, because of perceived racial prejudices in the French system.


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