Loads of Parisians have moved to London since the advent of Eurostar? Why?

I wonder about the increased number of Parisians who have said to have moved to London, following the advent of the Channel Tunnel and the Eurostar Service. It has been suggested that since the opening of Eurostar many French people and in particular young people from Paris have taken advantage of the low costs of travelling to London to try their luck in the Big Smoke, experiencing difficulties in finding a job in Paris or France. It seems that Parisians and people from Brussels may not feel closer to London, as if the cities are brothers or sisters, family relatives that need to be visited once in a while. Each person has a mental map of his or her own part of the world, his or her own country, and it seems that the Channel Tunnel and Eurostar service has now meant that London is part of many Parisians world in the same way that Paris is now part of many Londoners world. But how does a train service do this? This may be because the Eurostar services made travelling to London cheaper and more accessible for Parisians and people from Brussels in particular. However I wonder how much of this is about cost, it was never that expensive to travel to London anyway, and how much of it is about the promotion of London via the Eurostar service, which really encouraged people to give London a go. The presence of the Eurostar trains in Paris itself, reminds people of the accessibility of London, in a way that seeing an aeroplane in the sky would not. Furthermore it is possible that Parisians and French people feel more connected to London with the opening of the Channel Tunnel. It is possible that the train service has had, in that somehow a place feels further away when you have to leave the air to get to it, in making French people and Parisians in particular feel more connected to London, and therefore more likely to want to move there to see if they can get a job.


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