From Tottenham, young, cannot get a job for blood or money? Go to Paris.

Many people feel liberated by London, as if the American Dream is present in London. Immigrants often comment on how they feel accepted by employers in London, who they feel are more willing to employ people principally for their professionalism, skill, ability to make money and hard work. This they contrast with the situation in the place they come from where they feel that those with the power to offer work and wages, conceive their role to be to further the interests of their social or ethnic class, by denying work to those from other social classes. For example many Parisians who are north African or African in their ethnic identity find that on arrival in London they have a better chance of getting a job, despite their ethnic identity, in comparison with their experience of trying to get a job in Paris, where they feel employers are not interested because of theit ethnic identity and from the particular area of Paris they come from. Furthermore some immigrants in London from France feel that they are more accepted in the world of work, and find it easier to get jobs, despite the fact that they might not have all the relevant qualificaitons and experience, whereas in France, they would find it difficult to move across into the sector that interests them, because they lack the requisite expected career history.

Whether London’s employers are more interested in ability and less interested in social class is not clear cut. Its interesting that young people from Tottenham in London, epicentre of the 2011 London riots, complain that potential employers will throw their CVs into the bin as soon as they see their post code. This is the same complaint made by young people from Saint Denis in Paris, who find London’s employers more willing to employ them than Parisian ones. However it this because London’s employers aren’t interested in avoiding certain social groupings, the experience of Tottenham’s young people suggests not, it may be because London employers are not familiar with the meaning of French post codes. London’s ignorance may be bliss for the immigrants from Saint Denis, maybe young people from Tottenham should try their luck in Paris.


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