What Superstylin brings to mind about London

I don’t know why, but music transports you into a dreamland, a fantasy version of reality, that only exists within your head, and can never really be bought into fruition in real life, in interaction, in the way you emotionaly relate to one another. Its just that some of my best memories and sensations of London are held in my head, inside a musical track. Superstylin from Groove Armada would be for me the quintessential London track, something, which seems to encapsulate the beat, the energy, the creativity, the roughness, the surviving like a rat, the sexiness, the athleticism and dynamism. There’s nothing that’s essentially London about the lyrics, but maybe there is, the Jamaican rapping, the breaks and beats, the urban scenes in the video, the black and the white. I just remember hearing the track for the first time in a squat party on Kingsland Road, in what used to be a pub on a corner of Kingsland Road, and thinking anything could happen hear, its in these places where the rule of law, the customs and traditions don’t apply, that anything could happen, there are parts of London, moments in London that feel truly liberating. The summer London festivals, are always called to mind when I hear Superstylin, organic flower power hippy freaks, hipsters, rastas, socialists, fans of the old school reggae and dub, gentrified bohemes, jeans and a t-shirt, fag in the hand, can of Carlsberg, unshaven, unusual sunshine. Its all bought to mind by Superstylin.


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