Which tree is most common in London?

Platanus Plane is the most popular tree in London.

The ten most popular trees in London are:

1 Platanus Plane

2 Tilia Lime

3 Acer Maple

4 Prunus Cherry

5 Carpinus Hornbeam

6 Betula Birch

7 Sorbus Rowan / Whitebeam

8 Quercus Oak

9 Broadleaf (other)

10 Magnolia Magnolia

A recent report on trees in London reckons that there are seven million  in London, one for every person, a quarter of which are contained within woodland areas, three quarters then situated in and amongst the urban hubris. There are 220 species in total, but 45% of all trees are made up of just five species. The bulk of London’s tree population is derived from plane, lime and cherry species. Apparently Plane is a particularly iconic tree, known in the UK as the London plane. These species have come to dominate because they tolerate the growing conditions and the pruning regimes that are sometimes necessary to contain their size within an urban ecosystem such as London. Cherry is often planted solely for its attractive show of flowers in spring.






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