Londoners are distracted

Londoners are distracted, they are not so much interested in people, than the things made by people, places that people build, sounds that people make, food that peope produce, art, money, sex. London is one great big twenty-four hour distraction, a one million course meal in a restaurant with a menu of delights. People come to London as a spectator, to watch other people, to see things, to experience, to taste and touch, to admire, they may even become part of the show. There are so many shows, so many games. The South London Warlords get lost in a world of wargames fantasy including Cloudships of Mars, Lower Level Hell and Star Wars Death Trench Attack, every Monday evening at St. Barnabas Parish Hall in Gilkes Place, Dulwich Village, London between 7:30pm and 11:00pm. Londoners like playing games. Arthouseparty blog advertised a game taking place on the 18th May 2007, whereby the aim is to visit all the station on the London Underground Zone as fast as you can. One London woman decided to go on a new date each week for a whole year, and create a website called 52 First Dates, on which she blogged each date. People love getting lost in historic London. They go walking through tunnels underneath the city. It is full of people who want to discover London’s hidden secrets, the genuine London, the real London, as if there is some untouched part of London, where authentic Londoners live oblivious to the hullabaloo of the city and the marketing agencies, immune to the shifts and changes in energy that defy human comprehension. There has long been a eulogizing of Hidden London, Underground London, the real London, the London that tourists do not get to see. Blogs, for example, are constantly praised or presented providing an insight into this other world. Little London Observationist says of itself, “This is a blog that uncovers the side of London that many visitors and city-dwellers don’t get to see. We love her articles about Londoners, highlighting the vibrant and dynamic nature of our city. LLO shows us the best of London, under the surface. Alongside reviews, this blog is bursting with interviews with Londoners, snippets of London culture and a glimpse of the unusual.”


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