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The whoring of Jewish immigrants in 13th Century London

Eleventh century The name Old Jewry, given to a shady side-street just behind the Bank of England, is the only public legacy of the first Jewish Londoners to tread the streets of the city of London one thousand years ago. Jewish people first arrived in London on behest of William the Conqueror, following his invasion […]

George Osbourne’s cat was rehoused by a Londoner last night

According to Miranda Prynne of the Daily Telegraph, Freya, George Osborne’s cat, was chauffeur-driven home after getting lost in Vauxhall, London, a mile away from Downing Street, mewing for help near one of London’s busiest junctions. The cat was found by a group of young women, who were walking home after going out to dinner on […]

One man buys a whole development by the canal in East London

I heard a story the other day about a woman who visited a development in the process of being built, to enquire as to the cost of a new flat there. She was told that one man had recently approached the developer and arranged to buy every single flat. Quite why we can only imagine […]

A party in an art studio on Andrews Road, Hackney, circa 2008

In the deepest darkest heart of Hackney, under the moonlight which shone upon the sinister looking gas works, and the eerily silent Regents Canal backwater, we walked down Andrews Road. We passed under a dirty heavy metal bridge, and the road dipped accomodatingly, leading towards a series of warehouses and silence. This was the kind […]