George Osbourne’s cat was rehoused by a Londoner last night

According to Miranda Prynne of the Daily Telegraph, Freya, George Osborne’s cat, was chauffeur-driven home after getting lost in Vauxhall, London, a mile away from Downing Street, mewing for help near one of London’s busiest junctions.

The cat was found by a group of young women, who were walking home after going out to dinner on Monday night.

Freya’s rescuers, one of whom workers for a homeless charity, returned his pet with a note pointing out that while the Chancellor’s much loved cat has been rehoused many people sleeping rough are not so fortunate.

It read: “Found – on the streets in Vauxhall. Not everyone is as lucky as Freya. George please stop cutting homeless services.”

Said the woman who found the cat “I did find it slightly ironic that I had been up at 5am trying to help 24 people who had been sleeping rough in Newham and we couldn’t find anywhere to send them, then this cat gets chauffeur driven home.



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