Tunnel 228: The Old Vic Tunnels

Tunnel 228: The Old Vic Tunnels

Tunnel 228 was an exhibition set into a warehouse by Waterloo train
station. The warehouse is dark as the night with only the occasional
lighting effect to illuminate the darkness. Participants are told to wear face
masks at all times – I guess because the air is dusty. You walk around and
there is a lot of strange stuff around – but its not just the artifacts it’s the
fact that this place is huge and dark – you have at first no idea of the scale
of this place – its like a cavern. You wander around and there’s a guy who
walks on the ceiling, a system of pulleys and ropes helps him achieve it and
places a flower in an already existing arrangement hanging from the
ceiling. There’s a pool or a shallow pond of water along the top of which
runs a tiny train line and a pen sized train with a powerful light runs along
it. There’s a string attached to variously coloured helium balloons whose
reflection is seen in the water – quite beautiful. Apparently in one of the
alcoves which was pitch black – a man dressed in a spider suit springs
down on the unsuspecting person and snatches them and takes them up into
the rafters. In other occasions, participants are sequestered into rooms,
where they witness various things, strip teases and asked to past tests.
There’s an army of helpers who take on the characters of drones, or camp
soldiers. Its all a little bit eerie – but also quite cool too.

As the cavern opens up in front of you, the little child in you just wants to
run around, whizzing through this cavern of wonders and weirdness. Its so
big and so weird and so much fun. By the end there are people everywhere.

The guy who runs in a big wooden wheel, akin to a hamster.

It has to be said it was a real treat and they even hand out a free programme.

It was all very professional.



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