Ed Vulliamy, welcome to the world of the private renter!

Ed Vulliamy reckons that the pace at which property is being bought up by international and London based investors is creating a culture of The Devil May Care as investors carry out large and noisy works, with no concern for how those works impact on the lives of the people around them.

Welcome to the world of the private tenant Ed! This has always been the case for the renter, only for the renter the landlord does it in your own home.

But now, since the beginning of the twenty-first century, oligarchs have arrived in London with dreams of building palaces of extravagance, in leafy suburbs and more central locations. The result is that all over London, the peace and quite and bliss of London’s luxurious and leafy suburbs are being split open, by the heavy industry of workmen, renovating and creating new palaces on prime plots. Developments, causing an extreme amount of noise pollution, dust and general discomfort for neighbours in Hampstead have frequently featured in the London press over the last ten years.

Ed Vulliamy complained that in Notting Hill, there was noise of this kind from 8 am until the evening, which made living in his house like sitting all day in a dentist chair, making it impossible to work from home, and turned one into a nervous wreck. Pavements were said to be impassible with all the works taking place.

Thanks to the oligarchic and financier classes that successive British governments have hollowed out London for, the well-heeled middle classes are now getting a taste of what it feels like to be less important than the crap on someone’s shoe, a daily occurrence for poor renters.




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