Want to know why Nigel Farage is really against the European Union?

Enough of that overly bureaucratic, self-serving, interfering European Union!

Nigel Farage it seems is all for the Brits taking control of their own affairs.

However, is this all there is to it? A sense of wanting to store national pride to a country bought to its knees by Sancerre quaffing pen pushers, who spend their time pontificating on why British farmers can’t call their sproutsBrussels?

If Farage is so interested in restoring British pride, self-assurance and independence, what does he have to say about the silent revolution that is currently taking place, the one in which normal working British people are being squeezed out of their country, by the international rich?

The what I hear you say?

Don’t you know!?

We are currently witnessing a silent social revolution, orchestrated by the Corporation of the City of London and the financial institutions that comprise it and aided by successive British governments. Their aim is to concentrate the world’s capital in their hands, by inviting the world’s rich to come and make a home in London.

As rising house prices have demonstrated, London is being hollowed out, the world’s rich are coming in, and buying up housing that London’s salaried class cannot compete with. 

But isn’t this insane xenophobic conspiracy theory?

Take a look at the facts, and click on the links to get to the horse’s mouth.

British citizenship, and the right to reside in London in particular, is now up for sale. Visas entitling the holder to be resident in the United Kingdom for up to 5 years and 4 months, are available to rich individuals who are willing to invest £1,000,000 or more in UK government bonds, share capital or loan capital in active and trading UK registered companies. By this time, providing you’ve met certain conditions, you will be entitled to apply for British citizenship. Effectively, then Britain is holding an open door to millionaires from anywhere in the world. If you are a millionaire you can become a British citizen.

Coming to Britain offers rich people from all around the world the opportunity to utilise the services of financiers, investors and tax dodgers, to channel their money into the numerous offshore British tax havens, which are administered from the City of London.

So in effect, Britain is being sold to the international rich, who slowly but surely are making their presence felt in the United Kingdom and political classes. David Cameron was recently urged not to stop Russian investment in the City of London as a sanction against Russia’s recent invasion of the Ukraine. A Russian oligarch has recently made a sizeable donation to the Conservative Party. The Evening Standard, London’s daily newspaper, is also owned by a Russian.

Lets put aside the European Union for a moment, what does Nigel Farage have to say about stopping the sale of Britain to the world’s rich?

Nothing, it seems.

Instead Farage praises the leadership qualities of Vladimir Putin.


So does Farage really want an independent Britain?

Also, wasn’t Farage himself working in London’s financial services at one point in his life? Wouldn’t he therefore be likely to have many friends and associates, in whose interests it is to continue the sale of Britain to the world’s rich?

Getting more interesting.

And of course, what one thing poses the biggest threat to the Corporation of the City of London’s ambition to concentrate capital in London and Britain’s off-shore tax haven?

You’ve guessed it.

Farage is against the European Union, no-one could question that. But take a closer look at his vision of an independent Britain.

What do you see?






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