New to London? Feeling down and lonely. What to do next?

Living in London is difficult.

On the one hand, its full of people who are new to the place, and who are prepared to take a chance on making new friends.

On the other, those same people are likely to fly off after 6 months, or find some other friends to link with.

Furthermore, the liaisons that get made in London are often light-touch, so if you’re not an extrovert, who tends to spend his or her life surfing other people, then you’re going to find it difficult to make any friends at all.

A good starting point, is to get some structure into your life, that means you will have regular social contact in your life, even if its not with people who you’d normally choose as friends.

Getting some structure into your life means doing the same thing on a regular basis, maybe once a week.

Options include taking up a hobby like dancing, joining a sports club, doing a language exchange with someone who wants to learn your language, join a walking group.

Other options include going somewhere where there are going to be other people. This can sometimes make you feel more lonely, but being with other people and getting out of the house can make you feel better. Activities include going to see a football match, walking along the South Bank, walking down Oxford Street, or sitting on a bus for an hour.


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