London Metropolitan Police ‘turning a blind eye to sexual assault in Stratford, London’

Recent reviews on living in Stratford suggest that the London Metropolitan Police are turning a blind eye to sexual assault in Stratford.

One commentator, who lived in Stratford, said, “The street harassment in that area for a young woman on her own was absolutely ridiculous. I was frequently cat called, followed home, and harassed just for being outside. It didn’t matter what I wore, what time of day it was, what I was doing, it was just nearly every single time. I was sexually assaulted just a 5 min walk away from Stratford station / Westfield too. I lived there for 12 months and left as soon as possible because I couldn’t handle not feeling safe where I lived… The cat calling wasn’t all just ‘Oi oi darlin’ either, it was some really dirty, sexual stuff that made me feel awful. I used to end up in tears by the time I got home sometimes.

She continued, “After being assaulted the police told me that when I go out I should cover up my hair because ‘Not many girls around here look like you’ – that was the solution to the problem of me being assaulted. … I was so upset at the time I didn’t even question it, I just nodded and agreed.

This wouldn’t be the first and most recent example of the London Metropolitan Police turning a blind eye to sexual assault and harassment in London. See for example this article about police indifference to sexual harassment in Limehouse.


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