How does Quaker translate into Sylheti?


Quaker Street is a side street which connects two main arteries in Spitalfields Commercial Street and Brick Lane. It has quite a lot of street art pasted up near its Brick Lane end, and gets more residential as you head towards the less salubrious Commercial Road.

In the old days Quaker Street used to be known as Wheeler Street, and in the seventeenth century was the home of what became one of the first Quaker Meeting Houses. The house collapsed in the eighteenth century.

In the 1970s and 1980s Bangladeshi men started coming to the UK for work. Like many Asian families they settled down in Tower Hamlets. By 1971, the time of Bangladesh’s war of independence against Pakistan, there was already a sizeable number of Bangladeshis living in Brick Lane.

Bangladeshis now make up over 60 percent of the population of Spitalfields.

So prominent has the Bangladeshi community become they have street names in their own writing now. The thing that puzzled me is how does ‘Quaker’ translate into Sylheti?




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