Londoners, your babies are suffering irreparable damage, in the London confogsion

2014-04-01 08.59.31

A whole generation of young people in our cities will potentially have their health impaired by pollution before the government meets air quality safety standards. That is not acceptable. We need to see much more urgent action in this area and we will be looking at this area in more detail when we publish the results of our inquiry later this year.

So says, Joan Walley Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee.

There was a strange bluish glow to the London skyline this morning, at least, when looking at the City from Canary Wharf, from where it appeared that the Shard and the mighty glass towers to the north, were submerged under sea water. The newspapers reported, unsurprisingly more high level air pollution for the city, and in particular, “Dirty air a result of weeks of low pressure which has drawn in pollution from the continent”. I felt physically ill these last few days, I’ve developed an infection in my chest, a response, I surmise to this spell of pollution.

All the colours of London tend towards grey, become grey although they are not grey. Buildings and facades are fuzzed and scuzzed by vehicular particulate and other types of muck of undetermined origin. Vistas are smudged and blurred by the poor light, that which are remains after the most life-affirming elements are filtered by clouds, gossamer mists and pollutants. No better example of this than the dusty vistas of London captured in April 2014 when Saharan sands swept over the southern reaches of Britain and combined with exhaust fumes and fog, to create a palpable murky haze tinted with orange. An epidemic of chest stress, constriction and suffocation spread across the capital.. School children were forbidden from playing outside, those with chest and heart conditions were advised to stay indoors and those determined to go about their everyday business had coughing fits and received angry looks from people on the tube.


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