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Lily Allen is right, Londoners are so fickle! LDN so FKL!

New arrivals to London who plan to be here for a short period of time, or who are equivocal with regards to their long-term commitment, are more likey to search for emotional hits, than look for long-term emotiona profitability. Associations are likely to be promiscuous and non-committal, prime territory for extraverts. The idea is to […]

Arriving into London: excitement on a clear day

Taking a flight into London Heathrow from an easterly destination is a treat. You will find the plane sweeps over three quarters of the city, missing the northern reaches, but giving a view and experience, which in itself is worth the price of your ticket. Planes for London City Airport sweep along the river, allowing […]

Stages of integration into London’s social fabric

Many people arrive in London alone to start a new job or a new life. People arriving into London are rather like sediment forming on the bottom of the ocean. At first, there is no connection with anyone, and new arrivals tend to attract each other, rolling around, mixing, socializing, trying out this scene, that […]

Offbeat communities, critical mass and connectivity in London

Every Friday evening, a cloud of cyclists swarm through London’s streets, frequently stopping at major intersections, where they ensnare cars, and bring traffic to a halt, causing gridlock. Ostensibly the purpose of this activity is to protest against the evils of the car, but many seem to take most enjoyment out of watching the shades […]

The new international rich of London are connected in a new way

Twenty-first century London has been a project in welcoming the world’s wealthiest people into the city and with British citizenship, as part of a wider objective of concentrating the world’s wealth in London. The idea is that concentrating the world’s wealth, will lead to a growth in London’s financial services, which in turn will lead […]

Virtual, nationality based, mothering communities in London

There is a new type of connectedness, which emerged in the last decade of the twentieth century, but spurred on by advances in communications and information technology and applications, which support people to connect and share information and feelings in various ways. In East London there is a group of Italian mothers who keep in […]

In London for some the family is the workplace – this is dangerous

For many people in London the workplace is their new family and provides them with their only sense of community. London has a lot of workaholics driven by greed & fear, often referred to as ambition, the result being they spend the most part of their time at work. The consequence of being committed to […]