The new international rich of London are connected in a new way

Twenty-first century London has been a project in welcoming the world’s wealthiest people into the city and with British citizenship, as part of a wider objective of concentrating the world’s wealth in London. The idea is that concentrating the world’s wealth, will lead to a growth in London’s financial services, which in turn will lead to more taxes being collected and a higher standard of living, at least for those who are able to get their fingers into the ever-enlargening pie.

The result of this successful strategy has been a growth in the number of rich people and well paid employees of the financial services looking for a place to live in London. These people have bought houses from people and families, who might be the last in a line of generations, who have been able to afford to live in that area.

The result is that there is a new class of people living in London, who are connected to other people in their class. Some of these are work colleagues who they will socialize with at work and in London social hot spots. Some are living in cities across the globe, where capital is accumulated, and some are friends and families who are usually located a long way from London. These relationships are made possible through modern communications technology and cheap international air travel. They are not particularly interested or able to spend the time developing relationships with their neighbours and local people.


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