Virtual, nationality based, mothering communities in London

There is a new type of connectedness, which emerged in the last decade of the twentieth century, but spurred on by advances in communications and information technology and applications, which support people to connect and share information and feelings in various ways.

In East London there is a group of Italian mothers who keep in touch with each other over the internet, on the Whatsapp application. This mobile phone based communication helps keep together a loose alliance of mothers with similar interests, most of whom communicate via the phone, but some of whom ocassionally meet up face-to-face. Its unclear whether either form of connection could survive without the other, but both seem to buttress the other.

The mobile phones communication enables information to be shared quickly, relationships to be formed quickly. In one case one mother is able to meet and hire a young Italian lady, looking for childcare work, who is a good friend of another mother in the group.


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