Why are Londoners so bloody ignorant?

London offers a huge potential for connection, and yet humans have the smallest imaginable capacity for such connection.

Despite what might be asserted on Facebook, the number of meaningful social relatioships a person can have, is just over 100.

The corollary to this is that it is beyond the ability of Londoners to form relationships with the majority of people, who they pass on the street, stand next to on the train or underground platform, or queue behind in a shop.

Londoners would simply die from exhaustion if they tried to develop an emotional meaningfully relationship with each person.

In a village this is possible, what seems like a five minute walk to the shops can sometimes take an hour, if you bump into several people, but you will only ever bump into several people at most.

In a city, if you operated with the same level of openness you might never return home. If one attempts to engage the whole of London, then one inevitably becomes lost in the great city, and alone whilst surrounded by millions of people.

So what Londoners have to do, like may city dwellers, and unlike those who live in small villages, is chose who to bond with emotionally, and by extension, who to ignore. In other words, in a city the size and scale of London, an apathetic approach to the majority of people is required to make the space and time to develop a few emotionally meaningful relationships.

And given Londoners limited capacity for forming emotionally meaningful relationships, and the huge number of people around them, there is a lot more ignorance than affect between Londoners.


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