Londoners’ dedication and fascination with distraction and artefacts

London is full of people devoted and dedicated to the study of an object. A focus on artefacts and the necessary emotional disconnection that it entails is a part of many peoples’ normal life, and necessary for survival in some cases.

Money and God

Some are absolutely essential to life: money and God are the most powerful and extraordinary artefacts, both necessary myths, allowing people to maintain a sense of trust in each other, in the face of the unpredictability of both human behaviour and the surrroundings which shape that behaviour.



Music is another artefact, the sound of a person singing, the lyrics and their meaning can unite people around a theme that would be more difficult to achieve, were it left for people to relate to one another.


The study of variables within a given class of things

Bloggers make it their task to review every single coffee shop, fried breakfast or restaurant in London.The immensity of London creates the conditions for people to become immersed in collecting things of one kind or another. Some compete against one another to visit all the stations on the London Underground as quickly as possible. One woman went on a new date each week for a whole year.

The study of the dead

Some people spend a great deal of time studying worlds that used to exist. People love getting lost in historic London.


The study of world that might exist but don’t

The South London Warlords get lost in a world of wargames including Cloudships of Mars, Lower Level Hell and Star Wars Death Trench Attack, every Monday evening at St. Barnabas Parish Hall in Gilkes Place, Dulwich Village, London between 7:30pm and 11:00pm.



The study of people


Sociology said the note pinned up in the portakabin of a rambunctious porter in a Sociology Department, is the study of those who don’t need studying by those who do. There are many spectators in London, including yours truly. people who want to work out what is going on rather than participate and feel the highs and lows of acceptance and rejection in the great rat race. London is full of people who want to discover London’s hidden secrets, Hidden London. They are obsessed by the mythical London that tourists do not get to see, the genuine London, the real London, as if there is some untouched part of London, where authentic Londoners live oblivious to the hullabaloo of the city and the marketing agencies, immune to the shifts and changes in energy that defy human comprehension. Some are fascinated by Underground London. <a href=””>They go walking through tunnels underneath the city.</a>



The mastery of a discipline


Some are dedicated to the mastery of a discipline. Pick up artists are addicted to charming the pants off women. You can fuck to your hearts content in London, without engaging your heart.



Monitoring the new fashions


Some Londoners spend all their time moniting fashions and trends, on tenterhooks for the next big thing, whether its music, street art or restaurants.




The designer, the artist, the builder, the workaholic spends their whole life in the studio, their whole life building other peoples’ houses. They tell themselves they’ll get a life once they’ve finished the latest project, or earned a sufficient amount of money.

In a city like London there are so many artefacts and distractions to get lost in. And everyone needs a little distraction from time to time, to clean the mental and emotional palatte, to freshen up for the challenges of tomorrow. A trip to a religious Centre to reflect on the teachings of one God or another.

London offers a huge range of distractions, a blinding and bewildering array of sights, sounds and smells, as well as a bouquet of cultural and intellectual offerings, refreshed daily, which help to occupy the mind and senses. In London people can devote onseself to arts, cultures, history, architecture, money, career, hedonism, food, sex, yoga and fashion. Londoners are distracted by things made by people: clothes, buildings, sounds, food and art.




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