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Two people have been found dead inside two weeks on Hampstead Heath. Is something going on?

In late March a man was found hanging from a bridge on the Heath. In mid-April a boy was found drowned in the men’s lido. Advertisements

Are Londoners who commit suicide on the tube being inconsiderate?

There was an interesting debate on reddit recently, with regards to the manners of people who commit suicide on London’s transport system. This came about after a commuter, who had been hit by a train near┬áStreatham┬áCommon, had triggered a series of events, which had led to overcrowding at London Bridge, and great fear and anger […]

Movement and pace in London

From dusk to dawn a river of cars and lorries, eight abreast, pound the road, circling north and east. In back gardens three or four stone’s throw away one can hear a continuous swishing noise, like the rustle of the sea receding against a pebbly shore, caused by rubber burning on tarmac. Meanwhile, a different […]

A cool beer on the 4.30 from Bristol Temple Meads

In July 2014 a lightening strike put out the signalling in and around Reading, a key railway junction allowing trains from the north and south west of England access to London. The lightening strike occurred during a period of exceptionally hot weather in the country, which at 4.30 pm, some half an hour after the […]

Sheltering on the Night Bus