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A knee in the back and a calzone at Carluccios: Notting Hill Carnival 2015

Unless you go really early getting to the Notting Hill Carnival is going to introduce you to a world of pain. Getting on to a Central Line train post 12 o’clock is never going to be easy, and once you’re on, you’re a hostage to fortune, for you will be sardined into the train, and […]

“I can’t help thinking, that young people don’t riot any more. They should be setting fire to cars and looting supermarkets.”

I am very disturbed by the large distribution of wealth that has happened against the young. And particularly against the young who don’t have any relatives with property to leave them money. An entire social class is being created that is being denied access to property. The drawbridges have lifted. Dr John Muellbauer, professor of economics […]

Viva Hackney!

This reflection on Hackney was left on Reddit by an Australian in 2010: After spending a year in Oz, I came back last year to Hackney surprised to find 300 trendies with more fur coats than you’d find on Brick lane adorning Dalston Cross at 11pm on a Friday night! Queueing for a club! Quite […]

Where cool London has hopped to over the last forty years

I first came to London in 1977. Then it was King’s Road (believe or not!). By late 70s – early 80s, it was Camden and Portobello. It moved to Soho by mid 80s. In the beginning of 90s, it moved to Islington after popping into Notting Hill for a short while. Then to Shoreditch only […]

A bit gay; a bit Turkish; a bit up it’s own arse – it’s just like me.

Adem 12:50 pm, 23-Aug-2010 on Reddit/london: As someone who’s lived in Dalston and continue to work there (nothing creative) I’ve got to say that I love the place. A bit gay; a bit Turkish; a bit up it’s own arse – it’s just like me.

Britain is a ship of fools heading towards the rocks of a gigantic financial pop!

We get asked by virtually everyone we meet “are we in another property bubble?” Our answer is “Yes, because we never left the last one“. We never naturally corrected the market. We just pumped it full of steroids and cheaper credit. Will it crash? Who knows? I sincerely hope not, unless you really want to […]

The flying black ants come once a year to London

In 2015 they came on 31st July. They usually look dazed and confused and incapable of flying.