Viva Hackney!

This reflection on Hackney was left on Reddit by an Australian in 2010:

After spending a year in Oz, I came back last year to Hackney surprised to find 300 trendies with more fur coats than you’d find on Brick lane adorning Dalston Cross at 11pm on a Friday night! Queueing for a club! Quite a difference from when I left to the sounds of rastas yelling “bet you like a good banging girl!” I also noticed that someone had build a hamster prison over the trainline!

I moved to Hackney in 2005 and I love the place for all the good and bad, crack n k! Although really there’s more white powder here than in Columbia it would seem. Albeit mostly cutting agents, the kids love spending their overdrafts on it.

Just to let you know – I was out on Wednesday and apparently the Bouffon hairstyle is bad along with the tye dye grey baggy jeans with elastic on the bottom (a la MC Hammer/kidnplay) but this time they are tight jeans or at least the people in them are bursting out. It would seem to me, that it is in fact the under 25’s – those who weren’t indeed there the first time around in the 1980’s and don’t seem to realise that none of these things were cool then! and what pray tell is going on with the swedish 70’s porn star moustaches. Seriously! you’re 18 years old! Cut it off! that along with the polyester rejects from C&A which masquerade as “vintage” clothes. If only my pensioner mother knew how SUPERCOOL she’s been throughout her whole life!

Anyhoo, freedom of expression blah blah blah – emos, hipsters, whatever! choose your group – cut a frikkin weird haircut, stick on a turtle neck or something black with a deep v’neck and continue the consumerist dream! What I do love about Hackney is that it has taken me in with open arms. I have met so many wonderful people in the last 5 years that are so dear and close to my heart. It really is an amazing place and where else can 30 friends randomly meet on the way home from work without a text or a phone call, and end up drinking a few beers and watching the sun go down? Londonfields is the only place I know! Most of my mates in South London go to the gym after work and then straight home! Fuck that for a laugh! Viva Hackney and all thats in it. xx


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