Regents Canal muggings – two underneath Salmon Lane bridge in the last two days

Two attempted muggings have been reported in the space of the last 3 days underneath on Regents Canal, as it approaches Limehouse Basin, at the same spot on Salmon Lane bridge.

Both reports, made on Reddit, have involved accounts of groups of men attempting to steal bicycles.

The first report was made on Friday 15th January and relates to a mugging carried out on the evening of Thursday 14th January. The second report relates to a mugging attempted on Friday 15th January.

The person making the first report on Reddit commented:

They were a group of around 6 – 8 guys in their late teens/early 20s. They had local sounding accents. I think some of them were Asian.

The police said that they’re aware of a group that have been doing that kinda thing around that area pretty much every night.

The part of Regents Canal that runs under Salmon Lane appears to be one of the dodgier parts of the canal, there are often groups of men hanging out where the towpath gives way to the nearby housing estate. The area is secluded and because it backs on to the housing estate it makes it easier for thieves to squirrel away their ill gotten gains.

I personally would never go on a canal at night, its a shame that life is like this, but still.


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