Swans breaking the ice at Limehouse Cut



  1. Nice pic. It was interesting to see that the ice in the ponds in Berkshire took 2 days to melt after the frozen weather had gone. Taught me a bit of science about warm water sinking to the bottom after it goes to about 4 degrees c or something like that

  2. That’s right at 4 degrees water is a strange blend of structure and mess, the mess fits perfectly into the structure meaning more molecules fit into the same amount of space, making it heavier than the messier water, and heavier than the perfectly structured ice. And the ice on the top of the lake insulates the water at the bottom from further temperature drops – unlike any other liquid which is why fish and the like can survive in it. Water is just amazing!

  3. not sure that’s entirely correct – the temperature of the water causes the glutenous structure of water below the surface to coagulate. It follows the inverse principle which governs the process of, for example, boiling an egg. But you are entirely correct that Water is amazing http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x68y4g_look-around-you-module-2-water_fun

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