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Londoners who resent immigrants

The recent decision of some parts of the London voting public to vote for Brexit has been put down, in part, to poorer working class communities, in places like Barking & Dagenham wanting to bring a halt to immigration. It is understood that they perceive that bringing Britain out of the EU may help to […]

White flight and white resentment in London

White flight and white resentment And what of the white English in London? White people can still be found in London. The upper classes and the middle classes seem to have by and large melded into a multicultural upper and middle class. However when it comes to the working classes, there are still some very […]

London on Brexit   HAS BORIS JOHNSON JUST CONCEDED BREXIT DEFEAT ON THE LONDON TUBE TO A LONDONER CALLED¬†LEWIS?¬†Maybe, but, urgh, he was wrong if he did.   OK #Walthamstow this is why getting the IN vote out matters! #Remain #Orfordroad #E17 @stellacreasy — Philip Creasy (@philcreasy) June 23, 2016   View post on […]

Has Boris Johnson just conceded Brexit defeat on the London tube to a Londoner called Lewis?

The early hours of the 23rd June were deafening

It was the loudest night of thunder I’d ever heard, each time I heard the first cracks, my heart raced, and my mind wondered about how close the accompanying streak of lightening was to striking my body (I needn’t have feared, the lightening presages the thunder). The flashes which lit up my bedroom, I’ve never […]