In 1409 the church in London acted like Islamic State do today

In 1409 the church in England, and therefore in London, operated like Islamic State.

According to the British History website in 1399 a law was passed which aimed to pass all heretics, who refused to abjure their opinions, or who relapsed, to the civil magistrate, to be committed to the flames.

Consequently John Bradby, a tailor, was burnt in a pipe or cask in Smithfield, for his religious views, or lack of. Henry Prince of Wales went out of his way to try to deter John Bradby from his certain fate, but Bradby resisted and stuck to his views.

The Church, which in those days operated more like Islamic State rather than a font of human compassion and love, put Bradby to the barbecue, in an area which in time would become synonymous with meat fit for the grill.


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