Stewart Lee is a comedian who was bought up in the Midlands but has lived in Hackney, London, for quite a long time. He is pretty much a Londoner and incorporates quite a lot of London based references into his comedy. He doesn’t live too far from Jeremy Corbyn. Stewart Lee has a show running […]

Sleeping is the ultimate in personal self-care. To sleep is to give oneself permission to shut out the world and to spend the time required to self-repair and regroup. During sleep time the body self-repairing, it is regaining energy. It also allows the body and mind to process feelings and thoughts. Dreaming is a form […]

Idling in London What is Idling? Idling is the art of savoring and enjoying the wonder of life. I don’t mean the wonders of life, like food, drink and tourism. I mean the inherent enjoyment that comes from being, which can be experienced through meditation, perhaps prayer, reflection, relaxation, thought, writing, and certain types of […]

Since the beginning of the current millennium London’s skyline has been subject to a building spree of large towers. It has been said that up until the 1950s the tallest buildings in London were St Pauls Cathedral and the House of Parliament, buildings that barely reached above the tallest of trees. At around this time, […]

In 1409 the church in England, and therefore in London, operated like Islamic State. According to the British History website in 1399 a law was passed which aimed to pass all heretics, who refused to abjure their opinions, or who relapsed, to the civil magistrate, to be committed to the flames. Consequently John Bradby, a […]

East to West. Tottenham High Road leading to Kingsland Road and Shoreditch High Street end up in Bishopsgate. Green Lanes emerging from Wood Green and terminating at Newington Green. Stroud Green Road emerging from Crouch End continuing into Blackstock Road and terminating at Ball Ponds Road. Archway Road and Holloway Road turning into Upper Street […]

  The Big Smoke is a place where the heart, and the desire for money and comfort, rules without challenge over the lungs. In 21st Century London, Londoners are well aware that they are being killed off, that their children are being damaged from birth and in their early infancy, by the silent killer from the […]