In 1409 the church in England, and therefore in London, operated like Islamic State. According to the British History website in 1399 a law was passed which aimed to pass all heretics, who refused to abjure their opinions, or who relapsed, to the civil magistrate, to be committed to the flames. Consequently John Bradby, a […]

East to West. Tottenham High Road leading to Kingsland Road and Shoreditch High Street end up in Bishopsgate. Green Lanes emerging from Wood Green and terminating at Newington Green. Stroud Green Road emerging from Crouch End continuing into Blackstock Road and terminating at Ball Ponds Road. Archway Road and Holloway Road turning into Upper Street […]

  The Big Smoke is a place where the heart, and the desire for money and comfort, rules without challenge over the lungs. In 21st Century London, Londoners are well aware that they are being killed off, that their children are being damaged from birth and in their early infancy, by the silent killer from the […]

In February 1965 Goldie the Golden Eagle who was taken captive in London Zoo escaped and took to a London life, preferring the freedom of Regents Park, the park within which the zoo is located. During his twelve days of freedom he tried to hunt a white Terrier, but was shoed away by the umbrella […]

In Shoreditch there is a pub called The Griffin, which in 2017, is surrounded by a lot of building and development work, in an era during which many parts of Shoreditch are being knocked down, to make way for corporate towers. Since the development work started around The Griffin, The Griffin closed down. I don’t […]

1665 and 1666 were turbulent years for John Evelyn, who besides being a country gentleman, commissioner at the court of the king and urban planner, was also a Londoner and London diarist to boot. In 1665 Evelyn would have witnessed the denizens of London being ravaged by the Plague. Many died and others left the city, […]

The recent decision of some parts of the London voting public to vote for Brexit has been put down, in part, to poorer working class communities, in places like Barking & Dagenham wanting to bring a halt to immigration. It is understood that they perceive that bringing Britain out of the EU may help to […]