It is perhaps a red herring to debate whether one should live to work as it is said the English do, or work to live as it is said the Spanish did. The point is, as I think Tom Hodgkinson probably makes, that one should work in a way that feels like living. Although Hodgkinson […]

You’ve heard about the butterfly effect and you’ll have pondered how long a piece of string really is so whilst it may be stretching the truth somewhat, there is a reasonable logic to the argument that the Spanish civil war started in London. My memory of quite how the thing happened is a little patchy […]

In 2016 Will Self interviewed Stewart Lee about his work for the Guardian. Part of the purpose of the interview was to establish the extent to which the persona represented on stage, or at least parts of it, were a true representation of the actual Stewart Lee. ‘Are you really, ultimately embittered, or not?’ […]

Tony Adams was born in October 1966, a few months after England had won the World Cup, in Romford and grew up in Dagenham. He was a pupil at Hunters Hall Primary School from 1971 to 1978. By 1973 Adams had started playing football as a 6 year old on Hackney Marshes. He went to […]

In December 2017 Stewart Lee called out the generation of middle class iphone owning parents, and in particular the parents of the children who went to the same school as his own children, claiming that when they went to see the Christmas play the parents were more bothered about looking at Facebook than their children’s […]

Paris and London have always been two contrary peas in a pod. Contrary in that they represent the seats of two governments which have always sniffed their nose at each other a bit. But in the same pod because the denizens of both cities have recognized that they probably have more in common with their […]

London Housing   Brief History of Housing in the UK A summary of 1919 80% of people rented their homes, which meant 20% of people owned all the homes. The quality of private rented accommodation is shocking. The Prime Minister feels ashamed given the sacrifices made by British people during World War I. The Prime […]