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Will all the hecklers please just fuck off


“Is it OK to hate hispters?” asked Padraig Reidy and Alex Rayner of the Guardian

There are a lot of people, mainly on social media, who say they hate hipsters. Yesterday, Padraig Reidy and Alex Rayner of the Guardian posed the question, “Is it OK to hate hispters?” Plenty of people use social media to spit bile against hipsters, but people seem to have quite different definitions of what a […]

Londoners, your babies are suffering irreparable damage, in the London confogsion

A whole generation of young people in our cities will potentially have their health impaired by pollution before the government meets air quality safety standards. That is not acceptable. We need to see much more urgent action in this area and we will be looking at this area in more detail when we publish the […]

Chemical leak may have caused today’s giant froth in the River Lea

Today huge amounts of effluent emptied into the River Lead causing a giant froth. These photos were taken behind the filter beds where the river lea branches off through some sort of weir. Someone reckoned there was a chemical spill up river and it all got churned up going through the weir. They said it […]