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Does London have an essential underlying dynamic?

Deyan Sudjic says of the city of London that it is a place without an apparent structure. It would appear that Dujic is suggesting that the city of London does not have an overarching narrative. But maybe no place has an essential narrative, but that places do have self-sustaining, self-propelling logics, that tend to reproduce […]

Traces of immigration and foreign investment in London

Deyan Sudjic talks about being able to see traces of immigration in London. In fact it is difficult to move around London without seeing the effects of immigration or foreign influence, both historically and contemporaneously. Historically, a trip to Spitalfields, just east of the city of London, demonstrates the presence of the Hugeuonots in the […]

Building London’s future into the shells of the past

London has a fine recent history of building the future into shells of the past. Highbury Stadium was converted into flats, maintaining a good deal of the structure of the façade of the stadium, into which the flats were built. The Bankside power station on the banks of the Thames was converted into Tate Modern […]

Mental maps of London

Deyan Sudjic claims that, “London is different for all its people. They make the most of the elements in it that have meaning for them and ignore the rest. A city is an a la carte menu. That is what makes it different from a village, which has little room for tolerance and difference’. Certain […]

Melting pot turns volcano – it can get hot in London

The melting pot of London, sucking in peoples and ethnicities from all over the world, has sometimes become a volcano, with bigger ethnic groups trying to exterminate smaller groups. In 2009 the British National Party, the vanguard of an aggressive group of White Caucasians, fighting to put what it considers the interests of the members […]

What kind of people live in a city where a man can be left dying for 13 hours without anyone doing anything?

Apathy One thing you can be sure of in London, and that’s that no-one will be interested in you. Being apathetic isn’t unique to Londoners. Apathy for other people is a universal characteristic deployed by all human beings, no matter how caring they might be, one person simply does not have the resources to care […]

What does it mean if a Londoner makes eye contact with you?

Londoners, mainly, it is said will not look you in the eye. Orin Hargraves in his book Culture Shock suggests that, ‘Because London compresses so many people into a small place, people who live there very often build a wall of sorts around themselves for protection’ which means people do not routinely make eye contact […]