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14th Century Londoners were killed by the plague and buried in Charterhouse Square near the Barbican

Fourteenth century London was characterized by the presence of a plague amongst the population, known as the Black Death, which killed one in every three people living in London. In London two emergency burial grounds were dug outside the walls of the City, one at East Smithfield and one in Farringdon. In recent years excavations […]

London’s great distracted band together to subdue and project emotional pain and emptiness

Many people come to London in order to distract themselves from the emotional void and pain they feel inside of themselves. London is the right place to come to be distracted, it is full of people who want to meet others who want to be distracted, and full of distractions. It is one great big […]

Londoners are distracted

Londoners are distracted, they are not so much interested in people, than the things made by people, places that people build, sounds that people make, food that peope produce, art, money, sex. London is one great big twenty-four hour distraction, a one million course meal in a restaurant with a menu of delights. People come […]

Life of the London Lodger: the stresses of finding a place to rent in London

For many people living in London, those who cannot or chose not to buy or get a mortgage to purchase a house, then their existence, their sense of belonging is precarious, and usually challenged on a yearly basis, as the one year contract they have with their landlord comes up for renewal. In some cases […]

The shock of flying into London

A mild cardiac arrest usually grips as one, in flying into London, reaches the south coast of England. Up until this point, whether having travelled from east, south or west, one is afforded a view of the brightest light blue sky and a clear view of the terrain or sea below. Clouds if present are […]

London’s skyline is going to be transformed in the next ten years

London’s skyline has been constantly evolving, but the next ten years is going to witness an unprecedented level of change. Over 200 tall buildings, from 20 storeys to much greater heights, are currently consented or proposed. The Guardian has an interactive graphic showing how London’s skyline is going to be transformed by the erection of […]

Which tree is most common in London?

Platanus PlaneĀ is the most popular tree in London. The ten most popular trees in London are: 1 Platanus Plane 2 Tilia Lime 3 Acer Maple 4 Prunus Cherry 5 Carpinus Hornbeam 6 Betula Birch 7 Sorbus Rowan / Whitebeam 8 Quercus Oak 9 Broadleaf (other) 10 Magnolia Magnolia A recent report on trees in London […]