Monthly Archives: January 2016

Swans breaking the ice at Limehouse Cut


UK guys to stomp/trample me

Recent post on Reddit: Basically, im 21 year old male from London England. I have a shoe fetish and like being stomped/trampled/footjobs by other guys in sneakers. However sadly there arent very many people in the UK particularly in London who are ok with the idea of standing/stomping on someone which leads me to ask […]

Its cold at last

Oh God, those warm muggy grey winter days have been making my insides all mouldy and shit. Thank God, thank him for the cold snap, snap snap. Yeh, and my insides now feel that frisson of ice formation, that dry ice freezing my skin, at last the freezing cold is here – I love it – […]

We don’t just need a strong economy to thrive; we have to build a strong society. Segregation drives us apart, not together.

So said David Cameron, today, in The Times. He warned against the development of parallel communities. He was talking about the recent trend for poor doors in the new residential developments being built in London. New developments in London often need to be built with some proportion of the residences allocated to social housing agencies. […]

Regents Canal muggings – two underneath Salmon Lane bridge in the last two days

Two attempted muggings have been reported in the space of the last 3 days underneath on Regents Canal, as it approaches Limehouse Basin, at the same spot on Salmon Lane bridge. Both reports, made on Reddit, have involved accounts of groups of men attempting to steal bicycles. The first report was made on Friday 15th […]